What is Simple Loan?

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Online Pre-Approval Smart Application

Simple Loan is FBC Mortgage, LLC (“FBC”) Flagship In-House Developed Smart Application.

Simple Loan allows our Borrowers to fill out an online Smart Application and Get Pre-Approved in about 8-12 minutes. It is available in both English and Spanish. During the Application process, you’ll be able to Import your Pay Stubs, W-2’s and Bank Statements?directly into the Online Application, saving you time on having to gather all of those documents manually. After we pull your Credit, your application data will be sent for Pre-Approval through one of our Underwriting Engines. After receiving your Pre-Approval, you can forward it to your Real Estate Agent or Builder to move forward in shopping for your property. If you have any questions after application submission, don’t worry, your Loan Officer will receive your Online Application data within 60 seconds and can answer any questions you may have.

On the go? No problem! Simple Loan is fully web responsive! Apply Now on a PC, MAC, Mobile Phone or a Tablet! It’s your choice!

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Simple Loan Borrower Portal

Once your online Simple Loan application is submitted, you’ll receive?a confirmation email which contains access information to login to the Simple Loan Borrower Portal. Once logged in, you’ll be able to:

  • View Pending Mortgage Tasks
  • Review your Loan Details & Current Loan Status
  • View Key Dates of the Loan Process
  • Opt-In/Out to Receive?Text Message Alerts when Loan Movement Occurs
  • View and Upload Documents via your Web Browser or Mobile Application
  • Integrate with your Online Tax Provider
  • Contact Your Loan Officer

The Simple Loan Borrower Portal is accessible via any web accessible device by selecting “I’m an Existing User” at https://www.simpleloan.com. You may also download the Simple Loan Mobile Application which is available on both Apple iOS Store and the Google Play Store:

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