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Co-Branded Simple Loan Website & Kiosks? We've Got 'em!

Are you stuck in one of these common scenarios as a Builder or Realtor?

  • Are you a builder that has constant foot traffic at your Sales centers and your current Lender is nowhere to be found?
  • Is your current Lender taking upwards of 30 minutes to get you credit information while a potential buyer is standing in front of you waiting?
  • Are you a Realtor who is working with a client who needs a Pre-Approval immediately?
  • Is your client still waiting to receive notification of Pre-Approval on an Application they submitted hours ago?

FBC Mortgage, LLC (“FBC”) Simple Loan Co-Branded Websites & Kiosks are the answer!

FBC currently offers two versions of Co-Branded Simple Loan:

  • Full Pre-Approval which allows your potential clients the opportunity to get fully Pre-Approved in about 8 minutes.
  • Credit Check Plus which allows your potential clients the opportunity to provide you with their credit report in about 1 minute and 30 seconds on their own mobile device.

How Co-Branded Simple Loan Websites work:

  1. Send FBC your Company Logo
  2. We will configure you a Co-Branded URL with your logo and color scheme tied to your favorite Loan Officer. The entire setup process takes about 120 seconds!
  3. Want a Custom URL created for a specific location or Sales center? No problem, send us what to Name it and we’ll create it!
  4. Want to receive notification when a client submits an online Application? No problem, let us know who you want notified!

Once the Co-Branded Website is setup, use it how you want it! We have some suggestions:

  • Setup a vanity domain that redirects to the URL which?you can easily send your clients to.
  • Embed a “Apply Now!” Button on your Company website for your Clients to easily click on.
  • Email a potential Client the URL so they can get Pre-Approved in about 8 minutes and receive notifications when they do!
  • Get a Kiosk! That’s right! We have kiosks! Lots of them! We can load your URL on a kiosk that runs 24/7/365 at your designated location!

How do I get started? Contact your Loan Officer for more details on getting setup. For a quick setup, make sure you have your company logo and contact list ready to go!

Simple Loan Kiosks In Action!

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